Meraz Sheik, Digital Account Manager, Adhunter Media

Meet Meraz Sheikh, working as a digital account manager for Adhunter media, a network of publishers and advertisers. Sipping his daily cup of coffee at his desk or completely focused on his work, you’ll find Meraz donning crisp shirts and trousers.

"Control and Freedom are the 2 pillars", why Meraz currently loves his job.

With the addition of cosy ambience, warm lighting and the super fun work environment, the situation for him is quite like ‘a cherry on top.’

When asked about what’s ahead for him, Meraz quite confidently says, “I would love to be an asset to the industry and I look to grow as a senior business developer with great hands-on experience.”

Also, when asked about what's his most favourite part about One Degree, he says, "My most favourite part about this place is that the ambience it provides for work and the events held every Friday evening."

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