How to make our coworking space better!

Hello, One Degree Members. Firstly, we’d like to thank each one of you for being a part of this amazing journey. Moving forward, we want to make One Degree, a better place for all of us and it would be great if each one of us can contribute in this journey of making our office, one of the best places to work this year.

Making your office a 2nd home isn’t easy. That means, we need to give it as much as importance & care that we give to our 1st home. To make things easier, we have a few pointers for you which, if we all strive towards, could definitely make One Degree our proud 2nd home.

Few talking points:-

  • Respect everyone’s privacy at work. We have different people working in different fields, so let’s be responsible & try not to disturb anyone during their work hours. 

  • Everyone likes everything clean, so let's make sure we keep every corner of our co-working space clean.

  • Each tissue we use, kills trees. Let’s preserve them the same way we preserve our trees & only use them when needed & in limited quantity.

  • While the bathroom is for you to wash up, We expect everyone to do their best in keeping the commode seats clean and wipe them once you're done so that it’s easier for the next person to use the same. 

  • Kindly leave the washroom when you’re done the same way you would want to see them once you enter.

  • Let’s try to take part in all kinds of events that take place at One Degree, at least whenever your work permits you to, as you may never know what you can learn from something unimaginative. We call people to conduct events for our members and thus if we don’t get enough attendance, not only is it a waste of time for the people who come all the way to conduct the events, but it also looks bad on all of us and may seem disrespectful to the event holders. 

  • Collaboration is in roots of the co-working culture, so let's get out of our comfort zones and collaborate with each other.

  • Let's use the amenities for what they have been built for; like using the breakout room for relaxing and taking a break, pantry room/event room for eating, the desks for only working and not sitting on them, etc.

  • Let's keep minimum noise levels in the community areas so that it doesn’t disturb the other members working there.

  • Suggestions or recommendations are always welcome if you need anything done or any kind of event organised, let us know and we will try our best to make that event happen.

  • And lastly, let's not treat this as your regular office, but as a space where you not just work, but make friends, collaborate, learn, enjoy and live. 

This is our 2nd home. Let’s take care of it together. 

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